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what we are

  • is a search site designed to help with credit risk and locating debtors who have left their address and whose current whereabouts are unknown
  • Subjects listed have a default or have committed a serious credit infringement or have left their current address after legal action has been commenced
  • You may know the current whereabouts of a person who has been listed and you could provide new contact details so that unpaid creditors can seek out the debtor in order to be paid
  • Information provided by any person leading to a relocation can be very helpful
  • The identity of the provider of the information will always remain confidential unless so ordered by the court or a government department. Informtion may also be given anonymously


Creditors may have listed a default or are chasing a customers (debtors) after commencing legal action to recover outstanding debts.

You can search the file for any defaults and a reward may be paid if the information leads to a positive contact of a listed subject who has left the last known address.

For information on the website call 1300 664 949 or email

About the Privacy Act

Under the ACCC guidelines a debtor should not attempt to avoid their obligation to satisfy debts.

Often a creditor issues legal proceedings only to find out that the debtor has left the last known address, their whereabouts are unknown and legal documents cannot be served.

Creditors can list the default with Veda or Dun & Bradstreet, however the Privacy Act has limitations when tracing a debtor. can help to establish a new address for the debtor, which is within the national laws.

The listing must be a matter which has been commenced in a state or federal court or where a serise credit default has taken place. The details must be factual and correct.

The identity of any person who provides a possible new location will be kept confidential unless ordered by a court or relevant government body.

Any reward paid to a person who provides a new location is kept confidential and is a settlement provided by

Fees: List a clearout $7.50 plus GST - Re-location fee from $65.00 plus GST